DR301 Downloads

DR301_V1008.0.80(UK).zip    Release date  19/05/2005

DR301_V1008.0.84(UK).zip    Release date  12/08/2005       Release Notes

DR301_V1008.0.91(UK).zip    Release date  10/11/2005       Release Notes

DR301 User Manual  


Instructions for updating the DR301 firmware.


1. Insert an SD card with at least 1MB free space.

2. Turn on the DR301 and set it in "Music Play" mode. Make sure that the batteries do not indicate "low battery" condition before you start the process.

4. Connect your DR301 to your computer using the USB cable.

3. Download the firmware from the link given above.

4. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the DR301.  There are 2 files:" DR301UCF.bin" and "upgrader.dat".  Note that these must not be copied to a subfolder on the DR301 -  they must be in the root drive.

5.  Press "Menu" and the select the "SET" submenu.  Select "firmware upgrade"

6. Upgrade will start. It takes about 2 minutes. Do not try to turn off the set or remove the battery in this period or damage may result.

7. After the upgrade is finished, the DR301 will turn off.  When you turn it back on the new firmware version will be displayed.

 Note:  the preset list of scanned channels and the user settings will be cleared and the unit reset to the delivery state after the upgrade.

After upgrade the files " DR301UCF.bin" and "upgrader.dat" can be deleted from the SD card.